Bernhardt was one of the greatest figures in theatrical history known almost equally for her idiosyncratic off stage behavior as for her theatrical prowess. Here are some souvenirs of that great performer.

216. BERNHARDT, Sarah- SP 8 x 11.5" presentation photo of the DIVINE Sarah swathed in furs d/s "To Mlle ....Souvenir tres sympathique Sarah Bernhardt 1911" Upper left corner paper loss. SPLENDID EXAMPLE.
217. BERNHARDT, Sarah- SP Henri Manuel Paris presentation photo 7.5 x 10.5" "this photograph is UGLY but being as you like it Mademoiselle you can have it! Sarah Bernhardt 1907".
217a. BERNHARDT, SARAH- SP W & D Downes London sepia cabinet role photo of the younger tragedienne signed in 1884. Uncommon this vintage.
218. BERNHARDT, SARAH- 8 page souvenir program – FAREWELL TOUR of AMERICA SARAH BENRHARDT at the MUSIC HALL Thursday, Friday and Saturday Feb 15.16.17. She gave "La Sorciere", "La Dame aux Camelias", "Phedre" &"La Tosca" to a probably screaming Cincinnati audience.
219. DUSE, Eleonora- ANS addressed by the Great DUSE to her colleague BERNHARDT on a Hotel d'Albe- 55Avenue d'l'Alma 55 Champs Elysee Depeche Telegraphique handwritten by Duse" Sarah Bernhardt, Grand Hotel Bruxelles- En arrivant mon premier Salut pour vous Eleanora Duse" GREAT ASSOCIATION and MOST UNUSUAL with unsigned photos of the two SUPER STARS.
220. BERNHARDT, Sarah- Black bordered 5 x 8" invitation to the funeral service at the Eglise Saint-Francoise-Sales and burial at Cemetery Pere Lachaise. VERY RARE.
221. At the Theatre Montmartre 222. Portrait 223. "La Vierge d'Avila"- Sainte Therese
224. "La Bete au Bois dormant" ("Beauty and the Beast") 225. seated 226. "La Sorciere"
227. "Le Proces d'Jeanne d'Arc" 228. les vin Delisles 229. "Phedre"
230. Portrait 231. "Pelleas et Melisande" 232. "Foedora"
233. "Les Bouffons" 234. "Les Bouffons" 235. "Les Bouffons"
236. "Les Bouffons" 237. "L'Aiglon" 238. "L'Aiglon"
239. "L'Aiglon" 240. "L'Aiglon" 241. "L'Aiglon"
242. "L'Aiglon" 243. "L'Aiglon" 244. "L'Aiglon"
245. "L'Aiglon" 246. "La Beffa" 247. Profile
248. Gazing upwards

SP - Signed Photo
AL - Album Leaf
AS - Autograph Sentiment
PCC - Printed Calling Cards
ALS - Autographed Letter Signed
D/S - Dedicated & Signed
ANS - Autographed, Note, Signed
SPc - Signed Postcard
AMusQS - Autographed Musical Quote Signed
TLS - Letter signed by person described
LS - Letter signed by person described,
written by another

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